Discussion Topics

Trust on the Internet

The main topic to emerge from the EPSRC Digital Cluster research is trust, i.e. Would you trust your life to the internet? That merges with the idea of the Internet Angel–a single service that acts as your surrogate on the internet, is aware of your needs, and can re-create your cocoon anywhere on any device. The requirements of the angel will drive software/hardware development on several levels.

We want the researchers and the public to engage with these topics on a broad level. In other words, it’s not a technology show. So questions like, “Would you trust your life to the internet?” or “What would you do if the internet stopped working?” etc. should be the focus.

Cluster Research – as presented and discussed at the first Wealth of Networks event in July 2008

Other Topics will include:

· Next-generation Healthcare

· e-Government

· Digital Entrepreneurship

· The Mobile Economy

· Trust, Data and Security

· e-Society and the future of social networks


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